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Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner ISS 30-L

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Tecnical Description

  • Air current: 74 l/s
  • Underpressure: 23 kPa
  • Container capacity: 30 l
  • Max power: 1380 W

Air current


Container capacity

Max power


Package / Quantity

Price (AMD)

74 l/s

23 kPa

30 l

1380 W

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Code: 07011320

Product information

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Tecnical Description

  • Container capacity 30 l
  • Underpressure 23 kPa
  • Max power 1380 W
  • Air current 74 l/s

Handy and ergonomic universal vacuum with L-certification and semi-automatic filter cleaning

Dust class: L-certification

Guaranteed dust collection efficiency of 99% in accordance with EN 60335-2-69

Constant suction power and long filter life

Semi-automatic filter cleaning

Storage and mounting option for Würth system cases

Flat container head allows Würth system cases to be attached.

Accessories can be stored on the device and are always ready to use

Integrated storage of the joint nozzle and tool sleeve, flexible hose and power cable storage

Simple and convenient to use

The bayonet and clip connections ensure easy and safe connection of accessories with a nominal width of 35 mm.

Anti-static preparation

The earthed connection means that static charges are dissipated. Sparks and electric shocks are prevented by the use of electrically conductive accessories (sold separately).


  • During dry vacuuming, a dust bag and folding filter must always be used. Do not vacuum without a filter system, otherwise the vacuum motor may be damaged, resulting in a health risk from increased fine dust emissions.
  • Use a PES flat folding filter for wet vacuuming.

2 Years WÜRTH MASTERPLUS Warranty for wear damage

The current WÜRTH MASTERPLUS warranty conditions must be observed.

3 Years Warranty on manufacturing and material defects

Excluded are damages caused by improper use, overloading or failure to observe the operating instructions.


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