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Car shampoo 3 in 1

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Tecnical Description

  • Contents: 1000 ml
  • Product weight (per item): 965.333 g
  • Container: Bottle
  • Density/conditions: 1.007 g/cm³ / at 23°C


Product weight (per item)




Package / Quantity

Price (AMD)

1000 ml

965.333 g


1.007 g/cm³ / at 23°C

x 1

Code: 0893012002

Product information

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Tecnical Description

  • Contents 1000 ml
  • Product weight (per item) 965.333 g
  • Container Bottle
  • Density/conditions 1.007 g/cm³ / at 23°C

Vehicle cleaner with a triple effect: cleaning, gloss enhancement and maintenance are achieved in just one step.

Car shampoo combines three properties in one formula and ensures that road dirt is effectively lifted and gently removed.

  • The firm and dense foam with a pleasantly fresh odour effortlessly removes heavy dirt from paint, chrome, glass, plastic, tyres, rims and convertible tops
  • During cleaning, a protective polymer layer is applied to all treated surfaces, which protects the vehicle and also allows the water film to run off automatically after rinsing with clean water
  • Coats the paint with a permanent protective film and leaves no stains or water marks, thus considerably reducing the time required to wipe the vehicle dry with a chamois


Do not use on hot surfaces in direct sunlight. Protect from frost.


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