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Pneumatic eccentric rotary sander DTS 150D

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Tecnical Description

  • Diameter of sanding plate: 150 mm
  • Sanding stroke: 5 mm
  • Max. idle speed: 10000 rpm
  • Power output: 0.4 hp

Diameter of sanding plate

Sanding stroke

Max. idle speed

Power output


Package / Quantity

Price (AMD)

150 mm

5 mm

10000 rpm

0.4 hp

x 0

Code: 5714002180

Product information

Catalogue page as PDF 1

Tecnical Description

  • Diameter of sanding plate 150 mm
  • Power output 0.4 hp
  • Sanding stroke 5 mm
  • Max. idle speed 10000 rpm

Heavy-duty eccentric sander for fine or rough sanding

Composite Body Design

Provides durability and lightweight - weighs only 0.9 kg.

Pneumatic Power

Exceeds the capability of standard electric sanders, supplying hours of continual use

Lowest possible noise emissions and exhaust air routing for maximum user comfort

Effective sound absorber

Soft Touch Control Trigger

Allows user to apply needed amount of power

2 in 1 vacuum system

Convenient control (knob) that allows the vacuum adjustment as CENTRAL or SELF-generated

Built-in air regulator

Smooth and quick for a more controlled and comfortable operation

Ergonomic design, with perfect handling

Extremely compact housing design


  • The following applies: Orbital circle = 2 x sanding stroke. The use of terms is not always standardised.
  • When used regularly, the machine should be lightly oiled via the compressed-air supply every day. The use of a mist oiler is recommended.
  • Plug-in nipple not included in the scope of delivery

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