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Rust Destroyer rust remover

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Tecnical Description

  • Contents: 400 ml
  • Shelf life from production: 24 Month


Shelf life from production


Package / Quantity

Price (AMD)

400 ml

24 Month

x 1

Code: 0890225

Tecnical Description

  • Contents 400 ml
  • Shelf life from production 24 Month

High performance penetrating oil for removing stuck joints

  • Possesses ultra-high penetrating power
  • Recommended for use with accelerated unlocking of rusted and stuck parts, jammed or frozen mechanisms
  • Effectively removes traces of corrosion and displaces moisture from metal surfaces
  • Forms a durable protective layer that prevents subsequent corrosion
  • Displaces moisture from electrical connections.
  • Significantly reduces the friction force when dismantling threaded connections.

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